A homeopathic approach to detoxify and restore natural biorhythms.

Developed in the 1950s by Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, a German doctor who was also a homeopath and naturopath, Homotoxicology is a homeopathic approach to healing that aims to detoxify the body and restore the body's natural biorhythms (our physical, emotional and intellectual cycles). Aiming to bring together modern medicine and homeopathy, Dr. H-H Reckeweg developed Heel GMBH homeopathic preparations, which include a combination of low dose classical homeopathic remedies, nosode preparations, organ tissue and allopathic medicines.

Homotoxicology recognises that toxins contribute to organ and energy depletion resulting in disease. Generally the body will “throw off” toxins through various routes of elimination such as the bowels, liver, kidneys, mucous membranes and sweating. If, however, the body does not eliminate toxins sufficiently, they can become lodged in the connective tissue where they are then attacked by the immune system, resulting in inflammation. Furthermore, if the immune system is unsuccessful in eliminating the toxicity deposited in the connective tissue, it can cause further aggravations to the health and vitality of the body – and as vitality is diminished, more degenerative diseases can occur.

The Heel homeopathic preparations are designed to strengthen organs, restore cellular energy, allow detoxification and drainage and bring regulation to the immune system. These preparations are only available from registered, qualified practitioners. To obtain the best results, I can draw up a personalised programme for you, which will aim to strengthen organ systems and stabilise hormonal imbalances, modulate immune responses and assist the body in draining toxicity from the connective tissue. Thus the body's capacity to heal itself is stimulated and its ability to return to health is improved. I may also prescribe remedies as part of a nutritional programme, while detoxification programmes are available on request.

I continue my training as a Homotoxicologist by regularly attending professional development conferences to keep up-to-date with modern research.

For those who would like to learn more about Homotoxicology I have written a module about it as part of the Naturopathic course (more information here).  

Diploma in Homotoxicology (Honours) 2006, Academy of Homotoxicology, Registered: British Register of Complementary Practitioners: BRCP (Homotoxicology)

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