During the coronavirus restrictions I will continue to work remotely by Zoom or phone. Please contact me direct for appointments:

Consultations will be a blend of all the disciplines that I have trained in, apart from NAET treatments when only NAET is used in accordance with NAET Europe guidelines.

All other consultations will be a combination of detailed naturopathic/nutritional case taking covering two generations, case interpretation, iridology and muscle resistance testing. I draw on many disciplines when interpreting a case history and preparing programmes including nutritional medicine, Ayurveda, 5 element Chinese medicine, naturopathic medicine, iridology, homotoxicology and hydrotherapy.

Programmes are tailor made and are a combination of dietary changes, nutritional supplements, homoeopathy, herbs, flower essences, hydrotherapy, affirmations and Ayurvedic techniques such as massage, yoga or breathing exercises. If there is one particular discipline that you are drawn to please tell me at the beginning of the consultation and I will ensure that it is included.

  • Initial consultation: 2 hours £120
  • Subsequent consultation: 1 hour £60
  • Children initial consultation: £80
  • Telephone consultations: these are available for existing clients who are unable to travel to see me: 30 minute appointment is £30
  • Email support: this is available for existing clients. Due to the amount of time involved in answering emails and researching information for clients I now charge for email support: £15 for 15 minutes; £30 for 30 minutes.

First consultation: This lasts for 2 hours and includes a full naturopathic case taking, iridology and muscle resistance testing for imbalances and food sensitivities. You will be sent a questionnaire by the clinic before your consultation, together with a food diary to record your daily dietary intake. You will leave the consultation with your nutritional programme and lots of information to support you in a return to health.

Subsequent consultations: these last for an hour and include a discussion about the progress you have made with your health issues, your diet and lifestyle changes and muscle resistance testing to identify imbalances and food sensitivities. Emotional release techniques using kinesiology may also be used in these sessions if they are appropriate.

Gluten free support group: See Gluten Free Support Group page