Brain Health Programme

In conjunction with Cytoplan Ltd

Monday 13th May 7.30pm-9pm
Cotswold Chiropractic and Massage Clinic
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Brain health has become an area of major concern in recent years. Depression is on the rise, mood swings are the norm, most of us have increasing anxiety and we all worry about whether we will get Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Statistics show that women are now more likely to get Alzheimer’s disease than breast cancer; in fact Alzheimer’s is the leading cause of death overall in the UK with it being the number 1 cause for women (for men heart disease is the leading cause).

There have been millions of pounds invested in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease but to no avail. A few drugs may help to stall symptoms for a short while. However, there is a doctor in the United States, Dr Dale Bredesen, who is reversing Alzheimer’s and dementia with diet and lifestyle medicine. If the disease is caught early enough then there can be full reversal as long as the lifestyle changes and dietary programme are adhered to. It is sobering to discover that Alzheimer’s disease actually starts 10, 20 or even 30 years before symptoms begin to show. Dr Dale Bredesen, himself researching for the ‘magic bullet’ drug to cure Alzheimer’s disease, discovered that there are many causes of Alzheimer’s disease and this is why drug research has been unsuccessful. He describes it as a ‘roof with many holes’. If only one drug is used then the disease continues because the ‘other holes haven’t been plugged’. His lifestyle and diet approach helps to ‘plug most of the holes’ and has not only halted Alzheimer’s in the patients he has been working with, but has also reversed it.

These findings, together with recent research projects on Alzheimer’s disease and the FINGER study in Finland indicate that diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes can make significant changes to brain health, including depression, anxiety and mood swings. Cytoplan Ltd have been particularly interested in promoting the message that diet and lifestyle can make significance and lasting changes to mental health and have developed the Brain Health Programme for registered Nutritional Therapist practitioners to provide to the public.

I am passionate about raising the awareness of what we can do as individuals to protect our own brain health through simple dietary and lifestyle changes. As one of Cytoplan Ltd’s licensed Nutritional Therapists I will be delivering lectures and workshops to help people understand how they can take control of their health.


Action Against Alzheimer’s Disease Lecture

Details of Dale Bredesen’s research and how nutrition and lifestyle choices influence our chances of suffering from dementia.

Brain Health Lecture

Covers the various areas of brain health such as depression, foggy brain, mood issues and dementia. This lecture explores how diet and nutrition can make significant changes.

Both of these lectures lead to the following workshops for those that are interesting in learning more and putting the overview of information given in the lectures into everyday practice.

The next Brain Health lecture is on Monday 13th May at 7.30pm to 9pm at the Cotswold Chiropractic and Massage Clinic, Bourne Mills, London Road Brimscombe Stroud, GL5 2TA. Booking is via the clinic: or call 01453 886910. There is a booking fee of £5.


There are six workshops which provide attendees with lots more information covering topics that have been shown in research to positively influence brain health:

  • Workshop 1: Nutrition for Brain Health
  • Workshop 2: Optimising Gut Health
  • Workshop 3: Stress Reduction
  • Workshop 4: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Workshop 5: Exercise
  • Workshop 6: Brain Training

Attendees will receive a Self-care Journey manual, recipe booklets, menu planners, and lots more. Workshops consist of discussions, lectures and activities to help you with your dietary and lifestyle changes. You will finish the workshops understanding which diet is correct for you, which lifestyle factors you need to concentrate on for your optimum health and empowered to make a difference to your overall health.

The workshops will either run as two, one day workshops a month apart covering 3 of the topics each, OR 6 x 1-2 hour workshops once a week for 6 weeks.

Further information is available from Cytoplan.